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Lichen Hill 2017

Tuesday 16 May 2017 With the ever decreasing daylight at this time of year, it was good to be back in Hobart before darkness descended. This a bonus as it is not pleasant driving the Sorell to Cambridge section with a host of headlights whizzing towards you. This even after stopping for a coffee. Lichen and moss encrusted rock surface We went up Pirates and Plateau roads with the vehicle and could have driven to the start of the walk as the barrier was not in use and the final bit of road quite reasonable. The walk only has a gentle climb or two and was pleasant. The country lived up to its name with much lichen accompanied by patches of fungi. The last little bit from the junction with Balts Spur track and Tatnells Hill was overgrown. It was on Tatnells for lunch with good views although it somewhat cloudy. Overlooking Waterfall Bay  with view to Fossil Island and Tasman Blowhole It took a shade over two hours each way for the11k return distance. In hind

Plunkett Point Lime Bay

Thursday 11 May 2017 A most pleasant walk along the coast between the convict coal mine settlement and Lime Bay. As there was six of us it allowed for a car shuffle to save making a walk along the road back to the starting point. Light but quite wetting showers were met on the drive down to Tasman Peninsula, but it was fine if mostly cloudy where the walk took place. The wind was cool and from the south east but the bush was thick enough to block it. Lunch was at Monk Bay and good fortune brought the sun out for the duration before it disappeared behind cloud again.  The conditions for the last half of the walk at least made it easy to see how clear the water along the coast was. During the walk the number of little diggings on and beside the track was most noticeable and hopefully it is indicative of a healthy native animal population; possibly many by Bandicoots. The Fishlips cafĂ© at Taranna was open and was good for a coffee. The walk was 9.6k and with lunch took 3:40