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Mount Arthur Jan 2019

3 and 6 January 2019 It took two attempts to locate the SAMA hut on Mount Arthur.   All the cairns and a real maze of pads there didn’t help either. Spice bush (Ozothamnus ledifolius) Mount Arthur    On the first trip I though the hut would be easily found.   But right from the start things didn’t go as expected because I used a pad which I thought was the one used just a few weeks ago, only to find myself above the Scout Hut rather than below as before; somehow missed the junction. Then when looking for SAMA hut pads were followed but none seemed right. Eventually it was decided that the pad we were on was the one that went below cliffs to Lost world, so didn’t continue.   There were numerous pads and cairns about often going nowhere.   Eventually we decided to leave and come back armed with coordinates and a GPS. Once the map and the various bits of data were viewed it became quite apparent that SAMA and the pad to it was further to the east by about 100