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Devils Throne March 2023

  Tuesday 21 March 2023 Again, another walk, from a suggestion, this time from Greg B.   It also coincided with the yearly interval to read the track counter on the way there, and furthermore was timely as the Wellington Park management have asked for usage figures. The walk used the formed track to Devils Throne and the same way back.   Surprisingly it took slightly longer to get back, must be the hill climb and not being as fresh, by almost 10 minutes. The day was fine and still with pleasant mountain temperatures.    Some cloud did appear at lunchtime that cooled things enough to add a layer of clothing. All up it took an elapsed time of a bit over 5 hours for the 10k walk.   Inward 2:00 and return 2:07. The track usage for the twelve months is close to 490 with total passes coming in at 972. An assumption being made that 80% of people use the same track both ways a nd the remainder return another way.    There is a table at this webpage . A photo album is online. View to

Mount Arthur

The Hard Way to Mount Arthur and lost World Tuesday 14 March 2023 By a happy coincidence, both Dave and Murray suggested a walk to Mount Arthur and The Lost World, and the weather was fine.   The original plan was to start at the western end, of Mount Arthur, pass Scout Hut on to the rocky top then to SAMA Hut  and eventually reaching the far eastern end of Lost World via a climbers track.  I mentioned that there was a route on the northern flank that leads to the Lost World.    It was very unknown what the condition would-be like but it was decided to try that way. Well, it wasn’t too bad to start with and a pad could be followed down to reach a hollow, where the vegetation was more like a wet forest with Myrtles .   Soon though, we were back to the dryer rocky slopes and continuing to descend.   It was now after 12:30 and time for lunch, then still more descent until eventually the route, now   just marked with the odd rock cairn, took a turn and contoured.   At a spot alon