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Grasstree Hill

Saturday 26 June  2010 The route to Grasstree Hill commenced from agate soon after the bay at Catchpole Gully and followed a track over three hills before the final off track rocky ascent to Grasstree. Whilst having morning tea on one of the hills a chap turned up to set up an orienteering course to be held the next day.  After the ascent of Grasstree we followed a  vehicle track for a short distance before heading over the hill top and then picked up another track circling round the top of Bourbon Creek gully where we found a warm sunny  spot for lunch.  From there it was a matter of walking down the broad flanks to  join with the track at Quoin Gully.  Along here the first grasstrees were spotted. On the final leg, on the track on the hill above the dam  we met at about 3:20 a  couple  who had been informed that they could walk on a track from there up under Grasstree Hill and back to Risdon Brook; we did enlighten them and wished them luck.  I think the reality of the task wou

Mother Browns Bonnet

24 June 2010 Photo on summit plateau The weather was fine and sunny with very little wind.  We wandered along the old vehicle track and did note that there were no signs of the joining tracks marked on maps; they appear to have overgrown. Following morning tea at the turnoff point for the ascent of Mother Browns Bonnet we took the right hand leading old but faint vehicle track and ascended over mostly open country to the large summit area for lunch. On return the tapes of the marked route were followed for a while, but it was not as clear going this way.  On reaching the turning point where the vehicle track back should be, we must have walked right over it and had to do a little searching to locate it.  On return we collected our car from Sorell where we left it to have a puncture repaired and ended the day with coffee at a local bakery. Track notes are are available

Three Thumbs

Saturday 12 June 2010 This bushwalk included an extension to the western most of the Three Thumbs and a return by the alternative forest loop track.. The weather was sunny to start but from time to time cloud blocked off the sun and the cold wind became more noticeable.   A coffee stop was made at Orford on the way home.   View of the main Three thumbs summit from the western peak

Old Coach Road

Thursday 3rd June 2010 With a fine forecast we headed up the foggy east coast to Orford, which fortunately was free of it. Morning tea in a clearing was made pleasant by the warmth of the sun and the multitude of birds present.  A pad was followed to the top of the hill before descending to meet the old coach road on the dry northern slope.  From here we went down to end up on the colder slopes above the river and decided to turn back when some scrub was met.  The old track was followed for further on the way back before veering off the meet the inward pad.   Late lunch with a coffee was enjoyed at one of the cafes in Orford. More Photos here