Grasstree Hill

Tuesday 15 June 2021

I was in a quandary about the location for a walk. After a long spell of being stuck inside because of the poor weather, it was finally predicted to be fine although cloudy. Initially I thought of Sand River and the cliffs not visited last time, but then worried about the amount of water that might be in the river, although it is more like a creek that far up. Collins Cap via a circuit using Glen Dhu enticed, until I though of the three occasions that the creek must be crossed each way. I checked New Town Rivulet and that was up so decided that a circuit walk starting in Catchpole Gully in the Meehan Range would be a safer option.

It turned out to be a cloudy but fine day and reasonably mild. After the gentle climb through Catchpole Gully it then became steep for the ascent to Grasstree Hill. Return was by a much gentler route with quite a bit of it on a bulldozed track and then the wide gravel fire trail to the north west end of Risdon Brook Dam. We started off with six walkers and ended with seven. 

It was 14.6k and took 6 hours. 

Bushland on Grasstree Hill route

In Catchpole Gully