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Golden & Simmons Hills Circuit

Tuesday 23 May 2023 The weather for Tuesday sounded to be best on the eastern shore and I thought a walk in the Meehan Range would be a good option. The day remained cloudy but mild and for most of the time we were out of the breeze., This walk ascended the central ridge from Belbins Road then went down the dry northern slope of Golden Hill with its covering of Eucalyptus risdonii to Cross Rivulet which was then followed to the western end on an easy foot track. A climb up the side of Simmons Hill was initially gradual but then went up sharply for a short while. Once on top thew high level track was taken back to pick up the ascent ridge used in the morning back to the carpark. The walk was 9.2k and took 5 hours with breaks. Pool in Cross Rivulet Eucalypt woodland E tenuramis & risdonii Old eucalypt Coss Rivulet valley

Cathedral Rock

 Via Betts Hill Track  Wednesday 17 May 2023 This walk was from Andersons Road near Lower Longley using the Betts Hill Track .   After crossing the farmland it headed up at a mostly gentle gradient to reach the junction of the track to Cathedral Rock.   The track was clear and in good order and, up until the steep ascent of Cathedral Rock, is very pleasant walking.   It goes from tall forest then on to the top of a dry ridge with some open areas which were delightful in the warm calm conditions, and with good views. Lunch was on Cathedral Rock in such pleasant weather that there wasn’t even a need to put a top over our shirts.   All up the walk was about 5km each way took 5½ hours.     Open cleared area Slab rock covered in moss Ridge to Montagu Thumbs  A photo album can be viewed by clicking here or from the image below.   Cathedral Rock 2023

Tarn Shelf & Fagus Again

Thursday 11 May 2023 Went to Tarn Shelf to assist with a adding gravel to the track. It was a delightful day and, whilst enjoying lunch, noted the interesting attractive lower shelf with several pools that looked enticing to visit; something to be done on a future day. Whilst in the area we also checked out the Fagus near Lake Fenton and found it still quite colourful. Tarn Shelf a view from the edge Pools on on a lower shelf Fagus still colourful below Lake Fenton Fagus still colourful below Lake Fenton A photo album can be v iewed by clicking here or from the image below.     T arn Shelf Fenton Again 2023

Heathy Hills

Tuesday 9 May 2023 Since first visiting Heathy Hills in 2014, I have been back on two other occasions. It was quite a surprise that first time to find a spectacular arch there and I had been contemplating returning several times before finally going there on this occasion. There was a bit of a mix up and the start as I picked the wrong road but soon realised the error. Once at the Jordan River it was apparent that it was deeper at the crossing ford than expected, but there was no problem getting over. Morning tea was at the spectacular arch and then we dropped back to the valley floor and ascended the steep and at times slippery slope the south side. Much to my delight the masses of Boronia (B anemonifolia) and Aotus ((A. ericoides)) were still present on the upper part of the ridge, although of course not in flower at this time of year. The walk back was along this south side as it gradually descended until reaching the cliff edge. It was then an interesting scramble down past caves