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Mt Crooke

Most of this walk was off track and included negotiating a bit of scrub, including Scoparia, and a fair bit of uneven terrain underfoot.   Initially the track to Mt Field East was followed and I was able to point out the work done by the Friends of Mt Field on hardening the track .  On the highest part of the saddle at the top of the climb and before windy Moor  we turned northwest and walked through a lovely area of bushes with open space between them that made walking easy.  A gentle climb brought us to an unnamed rocky knoll that was actually higher than nearby named features including  Mt Crooke,  our walk destination.  The descent brought the first unavoidable scrub, including some Scoparia in flower.  Beyond this we entered the valley holding the headwaters of the Davis River and then began the 45 minute and 900 metre walk through the scrub for an ascent of a mere 100 metres to the summit of Mt Crooke. A slightly different return path was used, but we still encountered some Sco

Dolomieu Point

Walk along the quite scenic Fortescue beach and on to the headland where numerous penguins reside passing Canoe Bay before the climb over a hill to Bivouac Bay. From here it is a gentle climb to Dolomieu Point The day was quite warm but the shade from the trees helped keep the direct sun off us most of the time and once at Dolomieu Point and beyond there was a cool breeze. Click the image below for photos Dolomieu Point Dolomieu Point Map your trip with EveryTrail

Arthurs Peak

18 November 2009 Delightfully sunny but mild conditions made for a very enjoyable walk, made even better by the massive display of wildflowers for the whole distance of the walk. The track was easily followed and mostly quite dry and the views from Arthurs Peak along towards Tasman Island and over to Crescent Bay were great. Arthurs Peak

Alpha Pinnacle Reserve

9th November 2009 The day was quite hot, exceeding 30 degrees, which made the walk somewhat harder. Initially we followed the track through Chauncy Vale then onto Flat Rock where the first real decision on what route to take had to be made. The left track was taken, partly because it had blue markers, and at the next junction we headed right to eventually pick up and old overgrowing track then through the bush to meet a logging road. The country ahead of hill looked dreadful and came as surprise, because instead of nice bushland it had all been logged and replanted with a Eucalypt plantation right up to the very boundary of the Alpha Pinnacle Reserve . This looked new and the gums were small and even Google Earth still showed the land as forest. Other minor annoyance from the numerous spider webs all had been going fine until here. Things began to go less than hoped for from here. The first omen was Nigel tripping over an old bit of fencing wire and nose diving over some rocks; fortu

Walls of Jerusalem from Lake Ada

18 - 21 October 2009 The  relatively calm and sunny weather next day made for pleasant walking as did the lovely surrounds as we wondered past on the northern side of New Years Lake and came upon a most delightful old pencil pine forest beside  an unnamed small lake.  From here it was along the wide valley floor to Zion Gate and then up the valley to Dixons Kingdom hut where a fireplace was noticed at the side of the hut on the peaty soil.  It is very frustrating to see how people ignore the no fires sign, which is just inside the hut; we removed the  partially  burnt pine branches and the rocks and cleaned the mess up as best we could; but nevertheless a black scar remained. Our camp was further on in Jaffa Vale and with plenty of daylight I went for a walk up The Temple whilst Dave and Robyn explored the area closer to camp. One of the highlights of the walk down the Bernes Valley from Lake Ball was the vast swathes of Hovea which is recorded on the  rare plant list.  It sure

Green Head

20 June 2009 In delightful sunny and at times quite warm weather we walked the circuit from Lime Bay to Green Head and on to Lagoon Beach to return via Sloping Lagoon. More photos are on the web

South Cape Rivulet

22-23 April 2009 Our plan to spend four days in the Walls was replaced with two days to South Cape Rivulet, simply because the north west was expecting rain for the last days. The weather was absolutely ideal with clear skies and quite calm wind on both days. Late in the afternoon a group of about 12 from a Cygnet school arrived, but as we had the small campsite a little distant from the main one, our peace wasn't disturbed much at all. Whilst most of the walk was very pleasant there is one aspect that is very much below par. And that is the deplorable state of the track that bypasses Lion Rock. I have been along this track over a number of years and have observed the gradual deterioration. Stretches that had once been heavily shaded but relatively dry, became soft and muddy over the years, but are now quite boggy and causing braiding as people walk wide to avoid the mud. The lengths of deteriorating sections have now increased as well. After having walked the South Coast Track

Prosser Sugarloaf via Twamley

Saturday 30 May 2009 Easterly conditions with a large high pressure approaching Tasmania gave us a bit of drizzle at the start, but this was short-lived. Two dogs from the farm accompanied us for , with one turning back at morning tea time whilst the other stayed for the full trip. We walked on an old vehicle track that became rougher after passing beyond the Eucalypt forest plantations. The final ascent was from a distinct ridge but the return took a more direct route to rejoin the track. Click for a map of the route See also a photo from Dave Tucker

Montagu Thumbs

This was a multipurpose bushwalk in that the track was to be assessed for maintenance needs and the weed status at the start of the track was to be checked.  The day remained overcast throughout with a stiff breeze but for most of the time the bush kept it at bay.  We noted two or three short sections of track that needed stabilising and also that more Erica had established near the start.  It had previously been cleared on two previous occasions, but is such a persistent weed that more was fully expected. The walk went as far as the Norris hut under Montagu thumbs  

Western Arthur Range

Monday 16 - Sunday 22 February 09 It is 20 years since I did the full traverse of the Western Arthur Range, although I have made trips to parts of it and across to the Norolds since. It came as no surprise that it would now take longer for the journey now than then, nevertheless it still made me wonder how we could have done some of the sections in the times recorded back then. Just goes to show how you slow down as time passes or maybe we now spend more time looking and enjoying this wonderful and rugged wilderness. And rugged is a very apt description of the Western Arthur Range walk. I suspect that in some ways it has become a little harder too, because although the alpine moors are now hardened with superb rockwork, many sections have suffered significant erosion in the intervening years and have rock faces are left where the earth covering has been lost. In fact I would now recommend taking a short rope to allow for lowering of packs over some of these spots.

Pelion Circuit

With the recent hot weather i have postponed some intended walks until conditions a more pleasant.  However after reading about the Pelions (Achilles and Perrins) in Bushwalk-Tasmania, I scanned my slides from a 1993 trip there. The photos are in an album My notes from the walk were: Great trip with dreamy weather. Friday 9 April Good weather fine and sunny for walk in, crossing new bridge at Wurragarra Creek, to camp at Frog Flats. Fine cold night. 10 April Glorious day with morning mist in valleys 11 April Fine sunny day but clouded towards evening 12 April Monday Cloudy early but beautiful afternoon. 13 April Rain started about 4-5 am but was fine and sunny by mid morning. This was a lovely walk, we went along under Pelion West on the southern slope which was a very nice way and avoids going over the big boulders with a full pack.  Once around you are on a lovely ridge with a tarn and a good camp with the Pelion West summit close at hand and an easier asce