Kunanyi Ice Houses

22 February 2022

Some years ago, I became aware of ice houses on the mountain that were additional to the better-known ones. This walk was an opportunity to try and locate them and on arriving at what has been known as the middle ice house we commenced a search. A map of their location indicated they were on the opposite side of the track and after a dive through the scrub we located the remains of a rock wall and soon discovered more.

The map indicated that there were two ice houses and two huts, and we think we may have discovered them all. The ice houses were reasonably deep, with one above head height. Some of the wall remains were in better condition than others and all were enclosed by thick bushes and a number of trees very close or touching them.

After that we pressed on to Hutchisons Fireplace. On approach the compass pointed in a direction that did not look to be where my memory of the location was right. I kept following it but when at the destination it was clearly not the fireplace and I realized it was a coordinate from the earlier (AGD66) format rather than to current one (GDA94). The difference is about 118m and that is where we eventually found it.


Wall remnant

Wall remnant

Wall remnant

Cathedral Rock from lunch spot

Hutchisons Fireplace

GPS trace of the search.  Remains were found at the top and bottom and the line roughly align with the outside walls

A photo album is online