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The Acropolis

 Saturday 16 - Monday 18  March 2024 The plateau before the summit climb to The Acropolis was even lovelier than my memory.   It was such a calm, sunny day making conditions absolutely ideal in this pine studded area. On the day walking in I mistakenly went further than planned and had to backtrack to the campsite. The middle day was the summit one and required a 220 metre climb to the plateau and then a further 340 metres to the summit.  That final rock face scramble was harder than remembered.  We had the top to ourselves, and it was only when part way back to the plateau that other walkers were encountered. I found the whole walk fabulous and enjoyable, especially on the Acropolis day. Mount Gould and the Minotaur from Acropolis plateau The Acropolis Snowgum trunk Acropolis plateau Two photo albums can be viewed by clicking on the images below.     The Acropolis 2024     Pine Valley 2024   Summit climb profile