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Mount Connection Flora

Sunday 17 January 2016 A pleasant walk in reasonably warm conditions, but overly hot. We placed out two geocaches on the way to coincide with the Geocaching event on 26 Jan 2016. Another couple arrived at the spot we chose for lunch on the north western edge of the summit plateau not far from the track and surprised us, given all the space about, by also stopping close by for lunch as well. The flora over the headwater moorland for Mountain River was very good. Olearia obcordata   Heartleaf Daisybush ASTERACEAE (COMPOSITAE) Mountain Heath-myrtle, and Ozothamnus Snowgums on flank of Mount Connection click image  to view a photo album Mount Connection Flora

Mount Fortescue

29 December 2015 It seemed an interesting idea to head down the Tasman Peninsula to walk again along the track to Mount Fortescue now that it had been upgraded as part of Three Capes walk. However, the experience has left me quite disgusted with what PWS has done, and I do not get upset easily. The PWS website currently has under Tasman Peninsula a walk listed to Mount Fortescue via Hauy track, but when we got to the junction with the Cape Hauy track, there was a sign that said no entry (due to the spurious excuse of phytophthora). Below is the extract from the PWS website as at time of writing. Mt Fortescue Track (6-7 hours return) This track takes walkers to the 490 metre Mt Fortescue and provides excellent views of the rugged coastline. The track commences at Fortescue Bay. Follow the Cape Hauy Track (see above) for about one hour to a low spur where a sign marks the Mt Fortescue Track, which leads off to the right. By and large most walkers coming from the Retakunna hu