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Pelion Circuit

18 – 22 October 2010 I last did the Pelion Circuit in glorious weather in 1993. With this latest walk we waited until there was a good forecast, which by good fortune meant only one day delay. On the first day the predicted showers looked a bit ominous as we drove through heavy rain from Mole Creek, but the worst had passed by the time we pulled up to start the walk. The initial track was one slightly further south than the conventional Arm River Track. It was from an offshoot of Maggs Rd and although no quicker it avoided the steepness of the normal route. It was obviously used frequently and several sizeable logs had been chainsawn through the ease the way. Much of the upper section follows a narrow valley with numerous pencil pines and is most attractive. In the days prior to the walk there had been snow and rain about and this left plenty of water with the creeks well up, including Douglas Creek at Pelion which would have been very difficult to cross if it was not for the bri