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Not Where I thought I Was

Friday 30 November 2018 This is a story that I could have just kept quiet, but really it's quite amusing so I thought I might as well share it. Golden Rosemary Kara Retreat Track I started out from The Springs on the Lenah Valley track and located the turn off to the Kara and Retreat track. When I walked up to the Kara Hut I didn't take much notice of it as I had seen it many a time and just headed off to The Retreat,  however I hadn't gone far when things didn't look right.  I backtracked, went back again and still nothing looked quite right so  I searched around and then, not finding anything familiar,  eventually followed what was an obvious track but it definitely didn't seem right, nevertheless I followed it and it eventually just got to a creek and stopped.   On  returning to Kara frustrated, I decided if I can't find it I'll go up to Pinnacle Road and back down the Retreat track.  A long way of getting there of course, but  when I got to Pinn

Chauncy Vale 2018

Monday 19 November 2018 Water  channel Eves Bath It was looking like it was going to be quite a warm day and it certainly proved to be the case climbing to the mid-twenties quite early on the day. We went along the valley floor before climbing to Guvys Lagoon and the lookout on the bill above. Although trees interrupt the view of the cliffs it is still a very scenic spot. After morning refreshments at the seat, we returned to the junction and went up past the caves and were back at the shelter shed for a barbecue. It was is quite pleasant sitting around under the on the veranda having lunch Olearia lirata Boronia anemonifolia  Stinking Boronia, Sticky Boronia Narrow entrance to cave Wall pattern inside narrow entrance cave Browns Cave Small cave

Pelverata Falls

Sunday 11 November 2018 It had been 4 years since we came here and there has been a few changes on the properties at the start of the  walk,  one of them  now a private wildlife reserve. It is a straightforward track still but by the time you get close to the falls the track becomes quite rocky and you have to take a bit of care getting there. Everything was pretty dry. although the paddocks and that on the way to the start were very green, and there wasn't a lot of water coming over the Falls. It took almost 1 and a quarter hours one way for the 3.1 k Old farm area seemingly returning to bush Pultenaea juniperina Hibbertia Goodenia Scree and Bedfordia Track becomes roughish at the end Pelverata Falls Westringia