Mount Lloyd

Tuesday 25 June 2019
No one disagreed that being to Mount Lloyd, the way went, was hard.
We had a route on the GPS but, after looking at the map and satellite image, I worked out a way contouring the slope of Billy Clarks Hill, but it didn't pan out. We ended up in a steep climb over often unstable ground to the top, where they were several open Moss covered rock slabs. These were a nice reprieve from what went before, but beyond lay scrub into the access track to the Lloyd summit was reached.
Mount Lloyd

Moss covered rock slab on summit of Billy Clarks Hill

Wellington Range  Collins Cap & Bonnet, Trestle and Marian

Nevile heading down the gully

Ferns on descent route off Mount Lloyd
Following lunch, we split with Dave and Adrian taking up the offer of getting picked up where the vehicle access track meets the road. Neville and I went down using a route from Dennis of hiking SE and this proved a good way and a lot less steep than the inward route.
Dave and Adrian made it to road which entailed a drive of almost 4k to collect them.