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Hartz Peak

Superb Weather Day Saturday 29 October  2016 The weather was looking good and a walk to Hartz Peak sounded nice and the day turned out to be delightful and calm.  Once we had decided on the venue, it sudden thought sprung to mind that maybe there were some geocaches in the area and a check on the web revealed several, so this was a bonus. Hartz Lake One side of the car park at the end of the Hartz road was almost full suggesting that there would be quite a few out walking to the peak.  It was only a few hundred metres along the track that the first returning walker was passed and this continued at intervals with the last just leaving as we reached the top.  We weren’t alone for long though as several others soon arrived. In such nice weather the views were really good with the best being down to Hartz Lake from the edge of a saddle of wind pruned vegetation a little off to the side of the track. Wind pruned bushes Over a number of years, we have made the short detour t

Granite Tor & Mount Proteus

11 17 February 1996 With flooded rivers and creeks in the south we headed for Granite Tor, instead of the Eastern Arthur Range  A short first day, with a few showers, brought us to Lake Rodway and the Scott Kilvert Hut, where we intended staying the night. With plenty of afternoon left I wandered over to Little Lake Valley and discovered an appealing camp site set amongst snow gums. More than ever I regretted the idea of the hut but, with thoughts of stopping here some other time, continued to explore the edges of the valley.  Arriving back at the now crowded hut persuaded me to move to that more congenial spot.  Clive and Lyn felt the same urge and the three of us spent a comfortable night well protected from the wind. Sunny breaks in the morning and a sheltered climb did not prepare us for the shock of the wind and cloud rushing over the cirque.  Debate took place on the best option, with the majority favouring stopping in Waterfall Valley.  This certainly was not my choice an

Mount Faulkner

Wednesday 19 October 2016 Mount Faulkner was suggested as a walk by Greg, but we knew that many parties had problems with access.  In fact, some reports indicated that some property owners were downright nasty, however Greg was aware of a walking club leader who had a route that avoided private land and that was to be the way we would go. After a perusal of the map a possible route that went through the bush from a fire trail was to be tried, but on arrival at that point the bush looked thick and we kept on the fire trail to a ridge, hoping it would be more conducive. It had been mostly sunny but no sooner than we arrived at this high point on the trail, the weather changed and snow began to fall. This was a discouragement, but within minutes it had stopped and sun returned, so we set off. Wellington Range beyond Collinsvale  in the valley viewed from near the summit of Mount Faulkner More photos at this link Now this ridge route was 800 metres to the top and very s

Wellington Circuit

Tuesday 11 October 2016 The previous day had been quite showery with strong winds and the day after was unpleasant as well, but Tuesday was mostly good.  It was a brisk breeze early but a clear sky, which last for a couple of hours during which time the wind eased lot. However, by lunch time we had a light shower. The walk went to New Town Falls, Lakins Lair and Crocodile Rock then up Hunters Track and the steady downhill on the Old Hobartians back to the cars at Lenah Valley. The consensus was that we had done enough to justify feeling tired. A photo album is on line. Mudstone cliffs  near New Town Falls Cheeseberry Cyathodes glauca Bossiaea obcordata at cliffs