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Cheyne Range 2019

21-24 October 2019 This was a walk I did in 2004 and didn't really imagine that I would be repeating it. Apart from the climb over the rocks below Little Hugel things were going OK. The supposed best way down to Lake Hermione was taken, but it proved to be far from ideal and those that had used different routes on previous occasions felt they were easier. There were lots of fallen trees to get over and plenty of scrub. Ssnow capped peaks Tents at Lake Hermoine The Franklin River below Hermione, where we crossed, was running high and we got wet almost to the hips. Camp was made at the lake and we sat out in the pleasant sun.  Lake Hermione in morning day 2 Tarn Cheyne Range Pencil pines Cheyne Range Heavy frost heralded a nice day for the walk through the lovely valleys of the Cheyne Range.  It featured pencil pine forests, tarns, lakes and no scrub. It was a bit of a grunt for the ascent to the top of the range, but it was the descent towards the lake tha

Bluff River Gorge

Sunday 13 October 2019 We reached the point of entry to Bluff River Gorge at the same time as 4 motor bike riders, but as they sped off south the sound of bikes quickly faded. Eroded rock patterns Although we all have been here several times, the length and convoluted route still surprises. You also forget how many spots there are where great care is required whilst traversing narrow ledges. Overall there are 40 or 50 of these risky bits, many where a fall would be fatal The flowers were good, especially the Boronia and tetratheca. Overall though perhaps not as good as some years. Morning break under a huge cliff, disturbed a Peregrine Falcon that circled us vocally. Parts of the track were indistinct, some obscured by fallen vegetation. Scenically it was just as good as ever and the weather good and mostly sunny. It took about 5 ¼ hours, including breaks for the 9.25k walk Bluff Riover There is a photo album at this link.