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Lake Shelf

21 – 23 February 2012 The track has got a bit worse for wear since the last visit, although some bits had not changed that much it did seem that the alpine area had become somewhat more degraded, The ascent to the plateau below Mount Sarah Jane was hard and persistent and entailed some 640 metres of up over a distance of 1.7 k, with the last part of 250 metres over a distance of 500 metres quite steep (1:2). Little wonder we were tired by the time camp was reached. Although at the start of the day the cloud was low it gradually lifted and cleared away to be very pleasant by day's end. On top of that there were no mosquitoes or flies and other pesky insects and that remained the situation for the whole trip. Misty cloud persisted for the start of the middle day and obscured views of Angel Falls, although the swirling of it did make it very atmospheric at the cliff edge. Conditions gradually cleared and made for a very pleasant walk to the Lonely Tarns area of Judds Charm and Lake

Mount Bridges

26 January 2012 At times there was a little bit of drizzle and it was mostly cloudy,  but plenty of fine weather including a few patches of sun. From near Johnson Tarn we headed out to Mount Bridges, with the view down to the saddle between looking quite nice studded with Pencil Pines and  pools. At the saddle on the northern side is a fabulous healthy looking snow gum forest, with trees reasonably close together and having substantial crowns; just lovely.  It is a very gentle climb then a short bit up some rocks before arriving at the  bushy summit plateau.  Here the snow gums are not so numerous but are big trunked and contorted.  We wandered over the plateau visited the to high points, one with low King Billy Pines and views down to Lake Seal.   Our return was past the cleft  on the southern side  but did not go down into it.    This geological feature is quite distinct and striking  when looking over at Mount Bridges from the Mawson Plateau side. Click image to view photo al