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Bushwalk Access Closed

With the coronavirus now having a big impact, getting out in the bush seemed like one of the safest spots to be. Over the last week we went on three bushwalks in delightful weather, but now best locations have been made not accessible. It is hard to see the logic of this because people can still catch buses, go shopping and to a hairdresser. No one from Government has explained the reasoning behind all this. On Saturday 21 March a walk on the Mount Field East track allowed us to check some spots previously earmarked for follow up photos to show the change that has taken place since work was done to harden the track there. Some showed a marked improvement, and these can be seen at this website . The track counters were also read and indicated that the walk gets a lot of use, even though numbers are less than for the previous year. See  here  Snow gum woodland beside track to Mount Field East Mist closing to Mount Mawson Windy Moor far eastern edge It was most pl