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Cape Hauy

 Thursday 13 August 2020 Good fortune, the weather was mild, sunny and calm and that made it delightful for the walk to Cape Hauy. Although our start was mid-morning it was still surprising that there was only one party heading off after us.  It all meant that for most of the time we had an uncrowded experience, with most of the people passing us on their way back whilst we were going to the cape. In all, with a morning tea break and lunch, both at the seats at the Fortescue junction, it was 5 hours elapsed time  for the 10.5k return. Track on way to the cape Leucopogon Entrance to Fortescue Bay Cliffs of the cape A slit rock Cape Hauy with the lookout in middle distance Candlestick behind the Totem Pole   A photo album is here .

Tunnel Bay and Shipstern Bluff

 Wednesday 12 August 2020 We went down via the convict road to Tunnel Bay then up and along to Shipstern Bluff. After lunch we then proceeded to climb to meet the Cape Raoul track. it had been a pretty pleasant day but became cloudy as we headed up and even had a few spots causing us to put our raincoats on. Total  12k   elapsed 5hr   Shipstern Bluff

Crescent Bay

Tuesday 11 August Delightful weather made for a great walk along the newly upgraded track to Crescent Bay.  The track is well made and is for a good portion on new ground, including several bridges.  One of these was a substantial structure that enabled a view down Maingon Blowhole and another was a long walkway around a rocky bay.   Before going to the bay, we walked up the lookout on the way to Mount Brown where we discovered a nice seat, so enticing we stopped for morning tea. At Crescent Bay we picked up the obscure start of a track that went as far as the cleared land mooted for a luxury lodge before climbing to the top of a dune for lunch.  On the return we discovered a number of bushes were now in flower. Athurs Peak View to Cape Raoul Melaleuca squamea     Crescent Bay and Mount Brown    See the photo album here  

MacGregor Peak and Fazackerleys Ridge

Monday 10 August 2020   What an unexpected start to this walk.  We were to meet Dave at Sorrell at 8:30 and thought he would be  there waiting for us, but uncharacteristically he wasn’t, having got enthralled reading the news that he made himself late.  But the biggest change was from a serious car accident that caused the Tasman Highway to be closed. Our way around this was to drive via Dodges Ferry and the coast road to Dunalley.   The start of the walk had changed in the years since last there and reports indicated to start on reaching a barrier, however there wasn’t any closed and we drove past until reaching a point where continuing was way beyond our vehicles capability. From here the walk was up a steep track to the fire tower and then on a bush track to MacGregor Peak.  Prior to the top and along Fazackerleys Ridge was through beautiful gnarled mossy forest and eventually dropped down to a wet old logging road.   The walk back to the cars seemed to last for a long time taking o