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The West Thumb

  Three Thumbs The West Thumb     Tuesday 31 October   With weather better in the east, it was a walk to the West Thumb, the peak on from the Three Thumb high point.    A scree had to be negotiated to get there but it was generally stable and not a concern.    Cheeseberry were prolific with varied colours.   Pultenaea juniperina Cheeseberry   Cyathodes glauca Top of Three Thumbs Three Thumbs peak 549m Cheeseberry   Cyathodes glauca   Cheeseberry   Cyathodes glauca  

Cape Pillar

 17 - 19 October 2023 There were a few options with Cape Pillar being chosen. The weather for the three days was very good. Bare Knoll campsite was good with the platforms able to take two tents each. The flowers were excellent especially on the plains and with such nice conditions the views along the cliff tops were spectacular. An interesting side note are some of the place names, stemming from the exploring parties of 1966/67, including Ellarwey Valley. It was coined from a joke "where the hell are we?'     Hibbertia Melaleuca squamea Arch tree The Blade and Tasman Island Pimelea niva The Blade The Blade A photo album can be viewed by clicking here or from the image below.   Cape Pillar

kunanyi Wheeln

Tuesday 10 October The recently opened multiuse track known as Rocky Wheel'n makes a different way to ascend to Shoobridge Bend The track allows bikes to go up only, but walkers can go either way. It passes the top of the Featherstone Cascades with a nice small fall close to the track and in the upper parts have walker shortcuts to avoid the bends. Once we were at the Bend we went to The Springs via the Shoobridge Track. Arriving there for lunch.    Sign on log on track to O'Gradys Falls The translation  from Lithuanian   Waterfall at upper part of Featherstone Cascades Mauve form of Olearia phlogapappa The common white form

Bluff River Gorge Revisit 2023

  Monday 2 October 2023 On the walk to Bluff River Gorge at the end of September, I was so impressed by the flowers and thought it worth going back for another look. I had never seen the flowers so prolific; this was especially the case on the eastern side of the Gorge. This walk was just along the western side cliffs as far as the main flowering zone and return, which took about 1:30 hours each way. Although the flora is more striking on the other side it would have made it harder walking and entailed descending to the river and going up to the upper ledges.    Tafoni    on ceiling   Golden rosemary Oxylobium ellipticum Rock pattern Blackeyed Susan  Tetratheca Wall opening Natures Garden Orange segment between dark rock face Flora on a ledge