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South Wellington to Milles

Tuesday 16 February 2021 In fairly ideal conditions, a bit of cloud for the ascent up the Ice House Track then sunny but moderate temperature for the remainder of the walk. The pad was still mostly easy to follow but some sections are becoming overgrown, especially where there is Bauera. It is not maintained and will likely continue to the point where it has to be pushed through in the thicker vegetated parts. Lunch was soon after reaching the Potato Fields and from this spot the extent of the scree was impressive as was the swath of Eucalypt forests. The last occasion I went on this walk was in March 2014. The distance was 10k and took us 6 hours. Potato Fields Potato Fields Disappearing Tarn Rock stack at Devils Gulch Trochocarpa    thymifolia Pentachondria A photo album is online

Newdegate Pass K Col Track

Tuesday 9 February 2021 It was cool at the start of the walk but it wasn't long before the top layer came off as the cloud began lifting and blue sky could be seen. Both the Tarn Shelf and Newdegate Pass are delights and didn't disappoint as the day progressively became brighter and sunnier.   Mount Naturalist Peak Field West  from K Col Track   Photo Neville Ludbey   The photo album   including Photos from Neville and Dave There i s a photo album from Murray on his photos site and it has photos from other trips .   On of the purposes of the day was to place small markers on the planks to assist in locating photo points to take comparison photos.  Two examples  of these are here and here .