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Monash Valley

Tuesday 28 January 2021 Last summer the Scoparia was disappointing, but the signs were much more promising this year. The planned location was Monash Valley an unofficial name of a spot below the mountain of that name. After a number of years using different approach routes, I now have the least scrubby way of getting there. The start is over Wombat Moor which has lots of attractive Boronia in flower at this time of year along with Epacris. Fortunately, a bush with colourful flowers was observed at the start of the walk, which gave us hope and this was born out when the valley was reached.  Epacris serpyllifolia on Wombat Moor   Telopia truncata     Waratah   Richea scoparia   Richea scoparia     Richea scoparia  For more photos go to this site

Mount Rufus 2020

Wednesday 30 December 2020 Our aim was to visit the high valley between Mounts Rufus and Hugel where the scoparia can be quite spectacular, however the flowering was disappointing. We did it is a day walk from Cynthia Bay and went via Shadow Lake as we were undecided whether to walk to the valley and then return the same way or complete the circuit. With a very disappointing scoparia flowering we had more time available and decided to continue on to Mount Rufus, the weather was ideal making that option a good idea. Just before the summit we decided to cut across and bypass it, thus saving a bit of climbing. All up it took 8 hours for the almost 20k and we were quite tired by the finish.  Shadow Lake         Valley floor and Mount Rufus Boronia citriodora ------------------------- A photo album can be viewed from here or click the image below   Mount Rufus Circuit