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Mount Ophel Walls of Jerusalem

22-24 November 2023   The weather forecast was good, and we took the opportunity to go to the northern part of the Walls of Jerusalem.   I was hoping that the Alpine Hovea would be in flower, but unfortunately there was very little out; it was either a case of getting there too early,   or it was a bad year for the plant.    There was no close water at the campsite I had hoped to use, so we backtracked to a suitable spot beside the Fish River. For the middle day of our stay we climbed to Mount Ophel, passing an impressive old stand of Pencil Pines.   It seems unlikely that many people would have been past this spot, and even less likely that a party would have an average age greater than us.    On top was a large plateau with numerous attractive tarns.    Descent was via the Pool of   Siloam and Ephraims Gate.   Tiger Lake and Solitary (Mans) Hut were visited on the walk out, again in very favourable weather conditions.   The three days were delightfully sunny with very little

Chauncy Vale

Thursday 9 November 2023 It seemed time for another trip to Chauncy Vale with a barbeque lunch.    The   original Chauncy family home “ Day Dawn Cottage” was visited followed by walk.   Time didn’t allow for anything other than a short walk as we had planned a barbeque lunch on the deck of the meeting room.     Information on the property is online . Eves Bath was flowing freely Cave along cliff track Cliff Tafoni Tafoni Several bushes of Boronia anemonifolia (Stinking Boronia) along the cliff track