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Frenchmans Cap

Monday 20 October – Wednesday 22 October 2014 Originally I intended to do the walk to Frenchmans Cap over 4 days which was the usual time I had taken most visits, but after considering some of the things I needed to get done later in the week, a 3 day excursion sounded a better fit.  The weather forecast had been insisting two very fine sunny days followed by most of the third one which gave me great hopes.  Neville had been in contact but only had two days free, but in the end I decided that my mind had become set on this walk and I wanted to see what it was like with the new track.  Graham was interested but couldn’t go til Wednesday and that would have left me with too little time to get ready for another trip and besides the weather was just too promising to pass up.  I mentioned all this to Sue and she reckoned I should stick to my plan, and that helped with the decision. When I pulled into the car park there was another vehicle and a reasonably young fellow getting ready to d

Heathy Hills Nature Reserve

Wednesday 1 October 2014 It was when looking at our route for the Harry Walker Tier walk that I noticed Heathy Hills Nature Reserve on the map and proceeded to view the satellite image.  It seemed that some of the reserve was fairly open and also appeared to have overhangs, as well, the name sounded quite enticing so a walk was planned. The reserve is approximately 189ha and is 3km north north east of Elderslie.  It includes characteristic examples of Inland Eucalyptus tenuiramis forest. This place is located within the Elderslie Sandstone Landforms, a very extensive complex of sandstone cliffs and caves in Triassic sandstones. Spring is best for flowers and the volume of water in the Jordan River would hopefully be lower than the winter flow. Getting over was the first problem and after checking few options the spot used by farm vehicles was the best one, and a dash across kept wet feet to a minimum.  We had obtained permission from the owner of the small segment of land betw