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Wards Bluff

Tuesday 21 – Wednesday 22 April 2015 We did not manage to get to Wards Bluff and in fact we were a long way short when we turned around. It would be most interesting to know how others have got on in recent years.   Two reports from quite a number of years ago indicated that the groups did the walk in a long day. One of them from close on 20 years ago took 12 hours whilst the other was a mighty 14 hours. We also had a GPS track log for the major part of the ridge top walk which took 4 ½ hours. Our plan was to do the walk over two days with a camp at a creek that was on the map and also easily visible on satellite images. The peak on the northern end of Flat Bluff from our campsite   The ascent on the old, but revegetating, logging road took us just over 2 hours to reach the ridge top where the route ahead could at last be viewed. The first section looked to be clad in a lot of vegetation and it did look to be a long way to Wards Bluff.  However there was no feeling that

VC Falls via Lake Belton

Quite some time ago someone mentioned about visiting VC Falls but going there was never high on my list of walks to do. Then after thinking about places I hadn’t been to much at Mount Field and looking at the satellite view of the park, I noticed some interesting features at Lake Belton. In particular there was a valley beside it with four tarns, a long narrow isthmus as well as the outlet creek dropping sharply down to Lake Belcher. Suddenly a visit became quite an interesting idea and hence this walk. It was pleasant weather, although a front was due late in the day with showers. Wombat Moor was quite wet as usual but the track down to the Humboldt River was in good order after recent track work by the Friends of Mount Field. Rather than follow the regular soggy ascent to Lake Belton, a route through the bush was chosen and after some 50 minutes we were at the lake shore. Although a bit of light scrub was met it is a nicer way to get to this attractive lake perched as it is up on a