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Prosser Sugarloaf via Twamley

Saturday 30 May 2009 Easterly conditions with a large high pressure approaching Tasmania gave us a bit of drizzle at the start, but this was short-lived. Two dogs from the farm accompanied us for , with one turning back at morning tea time whilst the other stayed for the full trip. We walked on an old vehicle track that became rougher after passing beyond the Eucalypt forest plantations. The final ascent was from a distinct ridge but the return took a more direct route to rejoin the track. Click for a map of the route See also a photo from Dave Tucker

Montagu Thumbs

This was a multipurpose bushwalk in that the track was to be assessed for maintenance needs and the weed status at the start of the track was to be checked.  The day remained overcast throughout with a stiff breeze but for most of the time the bush kept it at bay.  We noted two or three short sections of track that needed stabilising and also that more Erica had established near the start.  It had previously been cleared on two previous occasions, but is such a persistent weed that more was fully expected. The walk went as far as the Norris hut under Montagu thumbs