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Tarn Shelf Fagus

Wednesday 26 April 2023 Tarn Shelf and Lake Fenton There was a one day window for us to visit the Tarn Shelf for the Fagus.   It would have been more brilliant several days ago, nevertheless it was still very nice, and the day was mild, sunny and still.   Hard to beat weather. A stop was made on the way home to Lake Fenton where the Fagus was looking good.     Robert Tarn Fagus leaves MacKenzie Tarn Nothofagus gunnii Fagus Fagus Lake Fenton    View the photo album here or click the image below.   Tarn Shelf Fagus 2023

Lake Judd and Mount Sarah Jane 2023

Sunday 23rd – Tuesday 25th April 2023 After our walk to Gould Plateau, Graham suggested walking in to camp at Lake Judd and spending the next day climbing to Mount Sarah Jane and the plateau there. This had appeal as it is reduced greatly the amount of effort needed to lug a pack. A favourable weather window came up and four of us set for Lake Judd. Although several other people were also staying there the campsite was sufficiently roomy to accommodate all without being cramped. Clear sky gave us ideal conditions with an attractive sunset and sunrise the next morning. Even without a heavy pack, it was still hard work ascending to Mount Sarah Jane. The first part of the track beyond the planking was also wet and muddy. A cold breeze met us on reaching the plateau and we followed the track leading to Lonely Tarns or Lake Shelf as it sometimes known. From the high point of this track, the ascent was made to the Sarah Jane summit, but the descent was by the more direct and marked r

Handsome Caves

Thursday 13 April 2023 Last time we went to the caves, the road in deteriorated soon with deep erosion, but on this visit it had been repaired and in quite reasonable condition. It was obvious that a lot of work had been done and when we arrived at a gate it became clear why. An area had been cleared and excavated and building footings established. The access way passed close and straight away the track became narrow and only suitable for walking. The caves were much better than my memory of them and the honeycomb rock was quite something. After having a good look around the easily accessible parts, we ventured up a benched old track to another set of cliffs, that were interesting but did not have the mix of features as those below. There was time to go further, but in the end it seemed best to return and explore the area, which does have climbers cliffs some 900 metres further on, although there is an old vehicle track to use part of the way. I am keen to do that soon.

Featherstone Cascades Return

T uesday 11 April 2023 Recently I visited Featherstone Falls and now that the new multi use track passes a mere 100m further up the slope, , it seemed a good idea to find and follow the old track that would have reached up to there.   My idea is to propose to council that the old track be reopened, and I have now been able to update the proposal by showing the route of the old track all the way to Rocky Wheel’n multi use track.   See this webpage for information . Small falls Featherstone Cascades The old track Waterfall at Featherstone Cascades The waterfall below Rocky Wheel'n track An photo album is here or click image below   F eatherstone Cascades April 2023