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Harry Walker Tier

Thursday 12 December 2013 It was fortunate that the weather for this walk was mild and that the drizzly looking sky to the south didn’t really reach us in any significant way.  The property the walk started from had a host of cars and trucks in various states of demolition.  Initially a paddock with sheep had to be crossed to pick up a 4wd drive track winding up to bush of Harry Walker Tier and eventually we passed from the private land into a PWS reserve.  A walk through open bushland brought us to a depression with a running creek and soon Dave located the sandstone overhangs he was aiming for. Return was via another creek and then up to the cliff edge, which was surprisingly high.  An interesting looking flat was spotted and whilst walking over to it Greg and I became separated from Dave.  We knew he couldn’t have gone ahead because of the cliffs but a search about failed to come up with Dave’s whereabouts.  Greg suggested using a mobile phone to make contact; which is somethi

Lake McCoy and Mount Pillinger

29 November – 1 December 2013 Whilst making plans for a walk to Mount Pillinger we discovered there was a geocache on top and one also at the not too distant Lake McCoy, so we decided to incorporate both destinations in the walk.  After driving from Hobart we came to a halt due to humped dirt over the Arm River Road and a ditch behind.  Following a backtrack to the Maggs junction, we followed that road to Maggs Spur 17. Fortunately we had plenty of time available and arrived at Lake McCoy to camp for two nights. The track into Lake McCoy is generally obvious and follows a long narrow valley, much of it open after the initial climb up through the dry forest.  Quite a lot of Coral Fern is present then deep sphagnum at the lake. Just before the high point of the valley we missed the pad but picked it up easily on the way back. Lake McCoy On the middle day we set out for Mount Pillinger, although a wrong assumption took us on a taped and cairned route to the cliff edge.  The wro