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Mount Monash

 Tuesday 12 December 2023 This second attempt to organise a walk to Mount Monash eventuated and set off in quite warm weather with lots of sun.  Boronia was very good, but at the site where many coloured specimens of Richea scoparia have previously been found, there was no sign of flowering nor many flower spikes.   From here we set off over the 700 metre long plateau for the summit of Mount Monash, taking a easterly approach when some large rocky areas were met.   It probably would have been easier going the other way, but in either case it involves scrub.   A more direct return route was taken that saved both time and distance.   It was 3.35k inward and 2.71 return, with respective times being 1:53 and 1:29.   Mount Monash summit rocks at highest point Waratah   Telopia truncata Snow gum trunk pattern Boronia citriodora A lone King Billy pine a long way from any others  Inward route is black and return blue