Handsome Caves

Thursday 13 April 2023

Last time we went to the caves, the road in deteriorated soon with deep erosion, but on this visit it had been repaired and in quite reasonable condition. It was obvious that a lot of work had been done and when we arrived at a gate it became clear why. An area had been cleared and excavated and building footings established. The access way passed close and straight away the track became narrow and only suitable for walking.

The caves were much better than my memory of them and the honeycomb rock was quite something. After having a good look around the easily accessible parts, we ventured up a benched old track to another set of cliffs, that were interesting but did not have the mix of features as those below.

There was time to go further, but in the end it seemed best to return and explore the area, which does have climbers cliffs some 900 metres further on, although there is an old vehicle track to use part of the way. I am keen to do that soon.

The time for the 7k return walk including lunch was 3:40.


Cave high in wall

Honeycomb rock at cave floor

Handsome Caves

Upper cliffs


Handsome Caves 

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