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Butlers Hill

Wednesday 12 June 2013 In the Chauncy Vale area there is plenty of very pleasant bushland and the walk to Butlers Hill on the southern side passes through some dry Eucalypt zones with sandstone slabs. Below all this are superb cliffs with a number of caves and overhangs. We ascended to the top of the cliffs from the Chauncy Vale car park and wound our way along the tops until an old logging track was reached. This was followed as it contoured around a hill for a while to reach a tarn, which was quite dry. A steep climb followed to another logging track which was left for a stiff climb to the top of a wooded hill. It was here we realised that this wasn’t Butlers Hill and the map and GPS were consulted. Everything pointed to Butlers being about 500 metres to the east, however in the mist all we could see was a disappearing downhill slope. Although visually it didn’t really seem right, once an upward slope was reached we felt much more comfortable that we going in the correct direc

Collins Bonnet

Tuesday 11 June 2013 On a fine and partly sunny day we walked up the track from Myrtle Forest, getting wet from the bushes with the previous nights showers still cloaking them. I  had been told of an exotic pine up there and when it was spotted I was most annoyed about not bringing a saw; oh well looks like another trip back there soon. On approaching the summit Neville and John were given a brief explanation on geocaching and Neville helped find the container that was up there.      Photo at top     Lunch on Collins Bonnet    above   Mount Connection and below   Mount Marian from Collins Bonnet summit