Boronia Moor 2021


Thursday 28 January 2021

When I visited Boronia Moor in 1999 a huge old snow gum was noticed (Eucalyptus coccifera) and one of the objectives of this walk was to locate it again.   The day was ideal with an easterly breeze keeping a comfortable temperature. Our approach was from Lake Fenton to Kangaroo Moor then a climb through the scrub for 50 minutes.  
Even though scrubby, it wasn’t hard going, and the reward was a lovely moorland surrounded on all sides by forest. It is wonderful to visit areas that are so pleasant, and knowing it rarely has people there gives a feeling of even more delight.

We did find the ancient snow gum and it looked to be in good condition and that made the trip even more special and a privilege.

From the tree site down to Kangaroo Moor took 40 minutes, although the distance actually walked was 1041 metres as against 804 metres up.  Return start point was 100 metres west of where we emerged on the inward journey.  Although each time I looked at the map we were constantly parallel even though I thought I was moving towards the inward route, resulting in the extra 237 walked. 

Our walking time was 4:30 for 9.3k with elapsed time of 5:15.


 There is a photo album online


January 2021  the right side limb is now touching the ground
Snow gum in 1999


Helps gives size perspective

Pool and Pencil Pine

Boronia Moor with Mount Mawson

Lunch spot

Teatree Boronia Moor

Boronia Moor and Rodway Range