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Gunners Quoin

Tuesday 30 July 2019 There were a few hiccups on the way and all down to me, well almost all. I had a series of coordinates on the GPS and was also aware that the batteries didn't have a lot left in them. But I forgot to bring the spares and started being frugal with using it. But this was a contributing factor in my first bungle.  The other mistakes were forgetting to bring a cup and teabag, not having spare batteries and, as explained below, not being patient enough with my GPS. The route taken was up a steep hill and whilst on top I decided to take a track leading off earlier than planned. It was nice country eventually brought is to a vehicle track, which turned out not to be the one I thought it was. Turning the GPS on solved bungle number 1. Ozothamnus on hill top plateau Morning break on top of hill with view Gunners Quoin.  Photo from Dave Tucker Once back on track all went relatively OK, until a fence was reached, and it seemed that resorting to the GPS wo

Lake Dulverton

Thursday 25 July 2019 The circuit walk of Lake Dulverton was more interesting than expected and the lake is larger when viewing from the northern side than what appears to be the case from the western end. There were quite a number of cliffs and large numbers of swan.  It is effectively divided into three parts by causeways, with plenty of water in the first and second ones, but much lower on the distant eastern part.  This allowed us to cut across the far end, although it did prove to be surprisingly lumpy.   We were back in time to eat lunch at Shirley's home, away from the cool brisk breeze.