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Walls of Jerusalem from Lake Ada

18 - 21 October 2009 The  relatively calm and sunny weather next day made for pleasant walking as did the lovely surrounds as we wondered past on the northern side of New Years Lake and came upon a most delightful old pencil pine forest beside  an unnamed small lake.  From here it was along the wide valley floor to Zion Gate and then up the valley to Dixons Kingdom hut where a fireplace was noticed at the side of the hut on the peaty soil.  It is very frustrating to see how people ignore the no fires sign, which is just inside the hut; we removed the  partially  burnt pine branches and the rocks and cleaned the mess up as best we could; but nevertheless a black scar remained. Our camp was further on in Jaffa Vale and with plenty of daylight I went for a walk up The Temple whilst Dave and Robyn explored the area closer to camp. One of the highlights of the walk down the Bernes Valley from Lake Ball was the vast swathes of Hovea which is recorded on the  rare plant list.  It sure