Curio Bay

Thursday 12 July 2018

After reading Dennis Jeffery’s account of a walk to Tumbledown Point, I decided to use his return route as the basis for getting to Curio Bay. Once past the farm there was a gate on our right, but the wide track we were on continued ahead. It seemed more likely that this should be followed, but after a short distance the waypoint aimed for wasn’t any closer and pointed of to the southwest.  

Wave at Curio Bay

Nevertheless, as the track meandered it got closer for a period and maybe the track would bend towards it in due course, but it still seemed a long way distant.  Eventually it became apparent that we were going in wrong direction, and this became very apparent when the park boundary sign loomed up. It was quite some backtrack to do, a bit over 2k and over an hour lost, before we were back on track at that gate.   I should have taken more care when first getting there and followed the GPS.
A pad was discovered that bypassed the gate and as soon as this ended there was a big blue sign indicating Tasman National Park. All was straight forward from then on until reaching the Curio Bay junction. The walking between these two spots was nice with a variety of forest type and long flat ridge top sections making pleasant walking. 
At the Curio junction however it wasn’t so pleasant. An overgrown pad went through very wet bushes and resulted in us getting lots of it on our clothes. The dominant bush was Calytrix and I have never seen so much of it before. When Curio Bay finally came in sight a rough pad lead down to rocks and they provided a sunny dry spot for lunch.
Curio Bay comes in sight
Masses of Calytrix

Return was without incident and took 1:45 for the 6.3k.  

Curio Bay
Curio Bay