A Second Visit

Mount Faulkner

Tuesday 15 September 2020

View to Mount Dromedary

After walking to Mount Faulkner in 2016 I did not anticipate returning there this soon, but Dave said he would like to go there so why not I thought. Greg, who was on the previous walk, was also agreeable to going again and a date was quickly set. Graham and Alan were also starters.

The same route as before was taken, but this time it was nicer weather and instead of being blasted off the top by freezing snow falls, we were able to enjoy lunch on top in a sheltered spot. The scrub was also appeared to be less formidable and bush and scenery better appreciated.

This time there was a gate with an indication to contact Collinsvale Fire Brigade for access key. This part of the road reserve does pass through private property for a short distance. 

View to Kunanyi/M Wellington

Uphill Euucalypts and Aotus

It took 3:45 including two substantial breaks which brings it to 3 hours actual once those are taken out and 3 hours for the return leg. The return distance was 13.5k. 

 The photo album for this walk is online