North Walls

13-15 March 2019
Walls of Jerusalem

Delaying for 2 days meant we could take advantage of fine weather for the whole trip.  A very beneficial move as it would be better such lovely conditions for walking in the high country.

After Trappers Hut we branched off through Golden Gate and past George Howes Lake to Tiger Lake for a view of Solitary Mans Hut. From there the route was over the gently flowing Fish River to Lake Nixon, where some thick scrub was encountered. Campsites weren’t as plentiful as I thought, but we had no problem finding a flat dry one.
Clumner Bluff and unnamed lake

North from there at a small reedy lake we turned east and followed a valley with a huge pine forested slope rising to Mersey Bluff.  It was along here that I chanced to look behind me to find a Tiger snake beside my boot. It kept a watch on me as I quickly hopped away.
Tiger snake centimetres from my boot

At the end of the valley we turned south and walked to Lake Wilson, through a gully where a barrier of scrub was eventually met. Lake Thor came into sight and we trudged up the Valley of Hinom to Jaffa Gate and onto a camp in a pine forest towards Lake Ball.
Halls Buttress also known as Solomons Throne

Morning mist cleared to give another delightful day and as we walked up past the Wailing Wall to the Damascus Gate Greg spotted an old food cache, presumably from when PWS were doing the track to Dixons Kingdom, although it was 500 metres from it. A block of chocolate had an expiry date of 2003.

walls of Jerusalem   - North

walls of Jerusalem - North