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Davis Lookout 2010

Sunday 24 January 2010 The weather was very good for walking as it was sunny but never got too hot. As the summit could not be seen from our approach route, we ascended the first rocky top only to glimpse another peak ahead.  On reaching that one  it became obvious that the real top was still ahead.  However lunch called and  this being close enough we decided to call a halt.  So the Lookout was not actually reached . Although we had been there before. Walking over the Windy Moor sections on return became quite tiring due to uneven and soft nature of the ground cover.  There was also no water, although we were carrying some, and with time running out we did not have much in the way of stops. The contrast to the situation on the summit of Mt Wellington 3 days earlier was remarkable.  At Mt Field the steams and pools were dry, whereas on Mt Wellington they were all quite full and the little feeder streams were flowing and everywhere. Track Notes Click image below for photo a

South Wellington Plateau from Big bend

Thursday 21 January 2010 The weather was  a delight..  We left Big Bend and skirted the plain, crossed to Dead Island and then scrambled up to South Wellington plateau.  Several vantage points were visited before crossing the middle of the plateau, past numerous pools and then walked over the summit plateau and descended back to the cars. It was most noticeable that the top of the mountain had heaps of water, with pools all full and streams running; this in mid summer. For a map of route

Glen Dhu Rivulet

Thursday 14 January 2010 For the second time in about two weeks we found ourselves ascending the Myrtle Forest track, but this time it was to go to Glen Dhu Rivulet. The initial part of the walk follows the creek up where the Myrtles are quite prolific.  Once on the old Glen Dhu track the bushland was quite delightful, initially with Myrtles, correas and numerous waratah bushes, then on the somewhat drier slope the cheeseberries  and lower down the Ozathamnus was out in flower and quite striking.   However the delightful masses of  trigger plants were the highlight, which are at a peak in January. The old fire trail is steadily getting more plants established on it and parts are now reasonably covered to the extent that you have to weave about between the bushes to walk along it.  Some trees also down but are no hindrance to walking. The turn off to Glen Dhu is becoming less clear and after a 200 metres the narrow pad is at time indistinct.   In the lower section some yellow tap

Haywoods Mt Wellington

Sunday 10 January 2010 We left the Chalet on Mt Wellington and walked along the Organ pipes track to the point where it is usual to cross the boulders somewhere in the vicinity of the old New Town Red Paint track.   Misty cloud was gradually lifting from the summit area and this made walking conditions very pleasant.  After a stop at a delightful small wooded spot we then did the final ascent to the pinnacle before going down the Zig Zag and finally back along the Organ Pipes track. Misty conditions during morning Brachycome near summit Olearia Boulder scree near old Haywoods and New Town Red Paint  tracks More information