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Basin Hills 2020

Tuesday 29 September 2020 The first part of the walk up to the top of Basin Hills was notable for the bits of car, including burnt out wrecks. But the last section along to the high point was much better from that perspective.   The grasstrees were most prolific and attractive until we reached an open plateau with many colourful bushes.   It was here lunch was taken, before descending steeply to reach a vehicle track taking us back to Risdon Vale; again there were lots of wrecks and associated debris.   Grasstree at high point Hibbertia Open plateau  Overall, the walk was pleasant and the day quite warm.   The photo album is at this webpage

A Second Visit

Mount Faulkner Tuesday 15 September 2020 View to Mount Dromedary After walking to Mount Faulkner in 2016 I did not anticipate returning there this soon, but Dave said he would like to go there so why not I thought. Greg, who was on the previous walk, was also agreeable to going again and a date was quickly set. Graham and Alan were also starters. The same route as before was taken, but this time it was nicer weather and instead of being blasted off the top by freezing snow falls, we were able to enjoy lunch on top in a sheltered spot. The scrub was also appeared to be less formidable and bush and scenery better appreciated. This time there was a gate with an indication to contact Collinsvale Fire Brigade for access key. This part of the road reserve does pass through private property for a short distance.  View to Kunanyi/M Wellington Uphill Euucalypts and Aotus It took 3:45 including two substantial breaks which brings it to 3 hours actual once those are taken out and 3 hours

Snake Mount

Thursday 3 September 2020 Soon after arriving at the start of the walk a chap wondered over to tell us that it was fine to go through the gate, which was most pleasant of him as we were wondering where the correct start was. It was steep dry slope country with attractive eucalypts arriving at a green open area just before the top. Soon after the summit cairn of Snake Mount was reached, taking about 1:15 for the 1.9k. At various spots on the way, as well as on top, we stopped to take in the views over the Derwent and surrounds.    Track to summit   Eucalypts on dry hillside Open area below the top of Snake Mount Cairn at Snake Mount   Derwent River Snake Mount and Mount Faulkner  from near Bridgewater taken on 4/9/20 the day after The photo below points to the top of Snake Mount