Calverts Hill and Mays Beach

Monday 17 June
One of the objectives was to visit Calverts Hill Reserve to view an area of about 200 Eucalyptus morisbyi.  They are just over the top of the hill on the western facing slope and are a very threatened species with not many plants now producing seed.  This is to a considerable degree due to climate change and associated warmer and drier conditions.  
On approaching the high point, we could see a lot of large dead trees and it was not until reaching a more sheltered slope over 200 metres along from the high point that we finally spotted a live tree.  Then a few more were noticed including we thought some younger ones.  A section of the reserve here a roll top animal exclusion fence which hopefully gives the plants a better chance.
The coastal track, really a worn pad would better describe it, was returned to and we continued to Mays Beach. It was a sunny day although cool in the breeze but mostly we were sheltered from it.    Return was quicker without the diversion to Calverts Hill. 
Mays Beach
The Small patch of live Eucalyptus morisbyi

End beach below Mays Point

Rocky shoreline