Snake Mountain

17 May 2022

Starting from Derwent Estate vineyard the walk followed the fire trail along Nassau Spur to Snake Mountain, although we missed a bend and for a short while were off it. It was dry and rocky with attractive Eucalypt, probably tenuramis and often grows on mudstone which seemed likely to be what we were walking over. Part way along the spur substantial cliffs could be seen on the opposite side of the valley.

Lunch was just beyond Snake Mountain in as best a spot that could be found away from the cold breeze. Unfortunately the sun disappeared behind cloud and light showers could be seen in the distance, however they avoided our spot. The walk continued on down a bulldozed old track to the cars, left here for the purpose of avoiding a road walk.

Once back at the vineyard we enjoyed a coffee on the now sunny veranda and many of us decided to buy a bottle or two of wine.


Party on track down

Cliffs opposite Nassau Spur

Dry country Eucalypts  Nassau Spur  E tenuramis

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