Pelion Circuit

With the recent hot weather i have postponed some intended walks until conditions a more pleasant.  However after reading about the Pelions (Achilles and Perrins) in Bushwalk-Tasmania, I scanned my slides from a 1993 trip there.

The photos are in an album

9140 Pelion Mist

My notes from the walk were:

Great trip with dreamy weather.
Friday 9 April Good weather fine and sunny for walk in, crossing new bridge at Wurragarra Creek, to camp at Frog Flats. Fine cold night.
10 April Glorious day with morning mist in valleys
11 April Fine sunny day but clouded towards evening
12 April Monday Cloudy early but beautiful afternoon.
13 April Rain started about 4-5 am but was fine and sunny by mid morning.

This was a lovely walk, we went along under Pelion West on the southern slope which was a very nice way and avoids going over the big boulders with a full pack.  Once around you are on a lovely ridge with a tarn and a good camp with the Pelion West summit close at hand and an easier ascent than from the eastern front.  The next day we went to Perrins and also to the top of Achilles before setting up camp at Leonards Tarn.  It was nice camping there actually and I don't think we had to hunt about for a spot.  .
Ascent of Thetis was easier than it looked but from the summit there is a good way and a not so good way to leave (avoid dropping into the little valley too early).  Bit of a scramble down to the Paddys Nut saddle then just gorgeous from there to the overland track.  We found a superb camp spot on the way  at a spot on the big plateau.  In fact we had time to get to Pelion easily but opted to stay in this spot for the night.   I have been back there many a time since.

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