Lichen Hill 2017

Tuesday 16 May 2017

With the ever decreasing daylight at this time of year, it was good to be back in Hobart before darkness descended. This a bonus as it is not pleasant driving the Sorell to Cambridge section with a host of headlights whizzing towards you. This even after stopping for a coffee.
Lichen and moss encrusted rock surface

We went up Pirates and Plateau roads with the vehicle and could have driven to the start of the walk as the barrier was not in use and the final bit of road quite reasonable.

The walk only has a gentle climb or two and was pleasant. The country lived up to its name with much lichen accompanied by patches of fungi. The last little bit from the junction with Balts Spur track and Tatnells Hill was overgrown. It was on Tatnells for lunch with good views although it somewhat cloudy.

Overlooking Waterfall Bay  with view to Fossil Island and Tasman Blowhole

It took a shade over two hours each way for the11k return distance. In hindsight, we could have reduced 2k from this by driving along the last bit of road to the track start.

Most of the walk is with Tasman National Park or land managed by PWs with a small part at the start marked as crown land designated as Future Potential Production Forest. The abutting land is also this category, then it is Forestry run land.

One other memorable thing was the singing of two Grey Shrike-thrush.

Total distance on track 9K on forest road 2k   total time exc lunch 4:10

A photo album is online

Lichen Hill 2017
Lichen Hill 2017