Patrick Again

Mount Patrick

Tuesday 29 May 2018
Neville hadn’t been to Mount Patrick and was keen to go there. Greg and I had been there before, but the previous excursion couldn’t have been too off-putting as we also went on the walk.
The day was predicted to have a few showers, but there was only two extremely brief episodes. However, there was quite a bit of mist about in the higher altitudes. Once the turnoff to Patrick was reached the scrub was quite thick and part way through, when thick tea tree thickets were reached, many were broken back to mark the route. There were tapes as well to mark the route as it wended about, and this continued virtually all the way to the top. It took us 55 minutes to reach the summit, which was 5 minutes longer than in 2012 and perhaps indicating that the scrub slowed us down as well as being 6 years older.
Georges Flagland

Hut ruin on summit

Bush at Mount Patrick summit area

The old hut site near the top of Mount Patrick seemed to be in much the same condition as on previous visits, except there was now no sign of the window. In the cool conditions on the day, it made an ideal spot to gain shelter during our lunch break.
The route makes an interesting quandary for the management perspective. The first half is clearly getting denser and more overgrown, resulting in much breaking of bushes and taping
 The walk commenced on Jefferys Track at a point where it would have been unwise to drive further.  This made the walk 17.k return with a walking time of 5 hours.