Huntingdon Tier

Tuesday 19 June 2018
Huntingdon Tier is a sandstone hill area just east of Harry Walker Tier but is predominantly private land. Some cliffs and rock formations are visible from a distance and the walk went to some of these. Locations were picked out after looking at a map and satellite images and one of the first of these was a narrow gully penetrating well into the tier. This spot turned out to be the highlight of the walk.

Fretted overhang roof

As we approached what seemed to be a cliff was visible through the trees and on getting closer the scene became impressive, with large overhangs and caves on the other side of the gully. Descent to the floor of the gully passed cliffs as we crossed through deep green mossy rocks under Pomaderris to the cliffs.  This side the sun was warm and lighting all the features. It was a short scramble to get to the floor of the largest cavity and from there we went further up the gully passed other caves and ascended to the clifftops.

Overhang on the eastern side

One of the clearings being reclaimed by nature

Huntingdon Tier summit

The route from there went via the western side of Huntingdon where there were some smaller but nearly as impressive cliffs. An old track was used for part of the return walk, before branching off through to old cleared areas that were now being reclaimed by silver wattles and other vegetation. A direct line was then made for the summit (545m) before descending through the bush to the track and on to the cars.

This walk is on private property so permission from the owner is needed.

A photo album is online

Huntingdon Tier

Huntingdon Tier
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Map showing Huntingdon Tier