Bluff River Gorge

17 August 2011
All did not go according to plan. More often than not the weather improves as you move away from Hobart towards the East coast, but this time it was very much the reverse. We left sunny town and drove into increasingly duller conditions culminating in heavy rain at Buckland. But things got better soon after we turned off on the way to Bluff River Gorge.
We arrived to see three walkers heading there too. Soon we too were walking along the 4wd track following their boot marks and along with my trusty GPS meant we were assured of an easy path to the start of the walk. Whilst all in our party queried why I didn't turn off where they thought we should go, I responded by saying the GPS says this way and any way that is where the three fellows boots were headed too. Some 800 metres on I started to have doubts and took a close look at the map on the GPS and the paper map. Heck, we had gone too far. Yes the track was where every one said it was and lesson number one is to remember that once you pass one waypoint the GPS just points to the next and says where to go for that one. I should also have noticed that the waypoint name had changed.IMG_5496
Parts of the walking track in the gorge have become a bit overgrown. Ouch, those stinging nettles hurt. It seemed that lunch would be in the sun, but then rain spoiled the party and we were fortunate to have a nice overhang to avoid it. Lunch over and the rain stopped, but as we got close to the river doubts arose as to getting over. Anyway we next ended in a bit more overgrown track, but by now it was wet and not very enticing to push through.
Next came a voice from above and we met up with one of the aforementioned three walkers. He was trying to find his companions who were doing some work on the track where it crossed the Bluff River. They had walked directly to that end, which explains those boots marks I assumed were heading to the start of the gorge track. You won't get over they said and we didn't.
The rain then started up again and so we arrived back at the cars a bit wet.
Well I have plans to return soon and this time am determined to get it right.
Note the waterfall where usually there normally may be the odd drip