Mt Aldebaran – Western Arthur Range

5-8 February 2010

Friday lunch time start with a camp at Two Mile Creek. Then followed a hard day, initially along the track before turning off to cross the Arthur Plains to the base of Kappa Moraine.  It was quite  a stiff climb up the steep side to the track then a  steady ascent to the Vesta junction where we set up tents, scoured the area for water and then set out to climb Carina Peak via Promontory lake.
It took almost 1:30  from Mckays track to the base and the same again to reach the junction.

It was quite a pleasant walk to Carina Peak with only a very short part of it having a scramble up a scrubby slope.  The views on the whole walk were quite superb and Promontory Lake glistened calmly in the still conditions.

The next day was the remainder of the climb up Kappa, an ascent of Mt Scorpio then over the simply lovely alpine plateau leading to Lake Sirona. A clamber up to a high ridge  followed. then the skirting of the rocky tors on the steep eastern side  before emerging at Haven saddle.

With such fine weather it was quite a simple task to get to the top of Mt Aldebaran, unlike the previous visit a year ago when mist and finally rain drove us back.

On return to the tents, we decided to descend to and camp on the Arthur Plains to reduce the length of the final day.  The inward route was retraced  and camp was made  at a spot among the regrowth beside Seven Mile Creek.  The benefits of descent were felt next day as the weather heated up quite a bit and it was handy to have a reduced distance to walk.

Mt Alebaran

IMG_3189 Mt Aldebaran

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