Lake Skinner

Friday 27 October 2017

Lake Skinner
This trip was the first time on the upgraded track to Lake Skinner and the wet and muddy spots now have timber to cross over them.  It is a mixture of long vertical split logs and short split log cording put down sideways; a traditional method used by Environment Tasmania when the organisation did the upgrade in 2015.
Despite now being able to avoid the mud, we took longer than before get to lake Skinner.  However, the day was pleasantly warm and sunny very little wind and the forest was delightful. Lake Skinner consequently was about as nice as it gets.
One irritant was a party of young people who brought a dog with them, which of course is not permitted. As we departed the dog must have seen us and barked loudly, giving both of us quite a startle.

Lake Skinner shoreline

Time in 2h
Time out 1:45

Distance 3.5k each way  total 7k