Caves Hill Oct 2017

Sunday 1 October 2017

This is a half day walk and we varied it from the previous visit.  Still up the reasonably new contouring ascent track, which still ends at a steep 4wd below Caves Hill.  Instead of climbing from Seager Saddle we followed the rough vehicle track to the saddle on the east side followed by the short ascent to the top from there.

After a wander about the cliffs it was down the eroding track on the south side to join Faggs Gully and on to complete the loop.

Sandstone overhang Rocky Tom Caves Hill

Boronia anemonifolia

Rocky top of the cliffs

Silver Wattles Acacia dealbata

Pompodaris and wattles behind

Distance:  7.07 km     Average speed: 2.93 km/h     Avg. moving speed:   3.13 km/h
Total ascent:   307 m             Total descent: 316 m             

Total time:      2:24:49.0         Moving time:  2:14:37.0