Salters Point

Saturday 11 October 08

This is the most direct way to Salters Point, a narrow neck of land jutting into the western side of Tasman Peninsula. From the point there are quite spectacular views of the coastal cliffs near Tunnel Bay, Shipstern Bluff and Cape Raoul.

We were fortunate to have a calm and sunny day and the bush was a delight especially along the high section from Moonlight Hill to the lookdown onto Salters. The highlight being the Tetratheca and many other wildflowers, which were quite spectacular.

We followed a vehicle track through pine plantations until reaching a small pile of rocks that marked a walking track that ascended through bush to meet a sign indicating Salters to left and Curio Bay the other. From here we went through a fairly level area with the dominant Eucalypts giving way to a lower heathland before the views down onto the coastline appear. After an early lunch we began the sharpish descent and a circle around a creek before coming to Salters Point. The continuing very light winds made it easy to sit out here and enjoy the spectacular views.

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Salters Point