South Wellington to North West Bay River

Saturday 18 October 08

Left at 9am and returned about 4:30 7-8 hours 12.5k circuit

When Dave collected me at 8AM it was lightly raining but by the time we reached Robyn's house it had just about stopped and things were brightening up as we commenced the walk from the Springs. The Ice House track had been cleared of scrub and some track improvements had taken place since last there; including a few small switchbacks on the early section and and some hardening on the upper area. Morning tea was at Smiths Monument and from there it was off-track along the pleasant woodland of the lower South Wellington plateau and onto the North West Bay River. The only resisting scrub was found just prior to reaching the river.

The river was followed upstream for 900 metres and then a scrubby section was crossed to pick up the Thark Ridge track, along this to near Big Bend, then a bit on the road before ducking down the Zig Zag to the car.

Photos can be viewed by clicking here

The route can be viewed by clicking here